Jer-Ne Projects & Bible Studies
(Mentorship Project Coming Soon!)

Project THREADS stands adjacent to Project HOPE. This project is geared towards women who have been incarcerated and have lost everything. Contact us for more information.
Jer-Ne’s inaugural program that will build up women in a personalized 9-week curriculum that works towards preventing recidivism. This project includes a session on Discipleship.
Jer-Ne has an intensive discipleship project that will equip women who are incarcerated, on probation and those recently released, with the tools needed to grow in Christ on a daily basis. Contact us for more information.
Project QUEST is a 6-week project that enables women to heal from past hurts such as divorce, the residual effects of single parenting, and those dealing with verbal, mental and emotional abuse.


We are working to line up several endeavors for the success of women in the community in which we serve. This includes:
° Project JER-NE: Leadership Certificate Academy
° Your Journey (Jer-Ne) to Financial Freedom (Budgeting God’s Way)

Our Services

We offer Projects that will assist women who have and have not been incarcerated, deal with the emotional wounds of shame and guilt, by helping them change their perspective on life despite past mistakes.

About Jer-Ne

Jer-Ne Ministries is a Non-profit 501 c3 organization. We are committed to impacting the kingdom of God through Ministry, walking with women who are emotionally wounded, shame-filled….

Volunteer Opportunities

As we are in the beginning stages of the Ministry, we will need several volunteers to assist with getting things set up. If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at