About Jer-Ne

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Jer-Ne Ministries is a 501 c3 organization. The ministry was incorporated as a Non-profit entity with the State of Texas in 2013. Jer-Ne is committed to advancing the kingdom of God through ministry by walking with women who are emotionally wounded, shame-filled, and guilt-ridden, by helping them change their perspective on life despite past mistakes.

The main goal of the ministry is to work towards preventing recidivism. Helping women cultivate a healthy view of themselves by applying the word of God and assisting them with projects, that can be applied to their lives on a daily basis, will bring healing, restoration, and transformation.

Accessing and getting to the root cause of why a woman commits a crime and continues to be a product of the system over and over is a challenge that Jer-Ne addresses. We teach women, the female offender, who is likely a single mother, a divorced woman, a married woman, and even a grandmother, that the life they are living, and the reason for the arrest, does not have to be the end of their story. Jer-Ne will walk alongside these women, giving them practical applications along with Spiritual guidance that they can apply to their lives so that they are not forced back into the system.

Mission Statement I

The mission of Jer-Ne Ministries is to assist women who are currently on probation or have been confined, by cultivating a healthy view of themselves emotionally through Project HOPE, a program that builds up women and works towards preventing recidivism.

Mission Statement II

The mission of Jer-Ne Ministries is to assist women by cultivating a healthy view of themselves emotionally by applying the Word of God to their lives daily, which brings inner healing, restoration, and transformation.


The vision of Jer-Ne Ministries is to see women who start a project finish strong and become spiritually and emotionally whole, have a heart that is transformed, graduate and grow into future leaders and teachers within the Ministry and in the community in which they reside.