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Women’s Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2017


This report has been updated with a new 2018 version. With growing public attention to the problem of mass incarceration, people want to know about women’s experience with incarceration. How many women are held in prisons, jails, and other correctional facilities in the United States? And why are they there? While these are important questions, [...]

Women’s Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 20172019-02-04T21:29:00-06:00

Finding a Purpose by Aiding Women Released From Prison


At 46 years old, Susan Burton didn’t have a lot going for her. It was 1997. She was fresh out of jail, and not for the first time. On her way out the prison guard said, “I’ll see you back in a little while.” It wasn’t unlikely. Years before, Burton’s 5-year-old son had been killed [...]

Finding a Purpose by Aiding Women Released From Prison2019-01-31T06:21:46-06:00

Prison Born


What becomes of the babies of incarcerated mothers? Research suggests that having nurseries in prisons leads to lower recidivism rates for moms and better outcomes for their kids. lyssa mayer was four months pregnant the day a police officer showed up at her motel room in Kingston, New York. It was late afternoon in August 2013, the [...]

Prison Born2019-01-28T20:24:01-06:00

What Happens When Moms Go to Prison


By now, “Orange is the New Black” fans have had ample time to binge watch Season 3, which was released in early June. The season premiered with an episode about Mother’s Day at the prison, cluing viewers into some of the emotional difficulties incarcerated mothers and their families may face. The show was prompted by [...]

What Happens When Moms Go to Prison2018-01-14T15:47:23-06:00

Probation May Sound Light, but Punishments Can Land Hard


BALTIMORE — On Christmas Day in 2013, Donyelle Hall and her husband, Roland Jr., gave a party for friends and family at their apartment. Mrs. Hall, a nurse’s aide for the severely disabled, had recently taken a college course in medical terminology to improve her earning potential. Mr. Hall worked as a kitchen manager. The [...]

Probation May Sound Light, but Punishments Can Land Hard2018-01-14T15:15:15-06:00

Diane Sawyer’s: “A Nation of Women Behind Bars”


Diane Sawyer’s special on February 27th examined the fastest growing group of the largest prison population in the world–Women. The United States has almost 2.3 million inmates and 200,000 of the inmates are women. Sawyer visited four women’s prisons in the United States; the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women in Jessup, the Corrections Center for [...]

Diane Sawyer’s: “A Nation of Women Behind Bars”2019-01-31T06:28:05-06:00

Black Women Being Thrown In Jail For Low-Level Crimes at High Rates


The Vera Institute of Justice and the Safety and Challenge Program have completed a joint study, which found that black and Hispanic women are the fastest growing population within the nation’s capricious correctional structure. The researchers of this study also found evidence to prove the following grim statistics: Black women make up 44 percent of [...]

Black Women Being Thrown In Jail For Low-Level Crimes at High Rates2017-11-13T18:30:30-06:00

How to Exit Safe Mode


A Note from Martha Lawley: This is the second part of my article about living in safe mode. In part one, we considered three practices of self-protection that keep us in safe mode: 1. Masquerading: Playing it safe by pretending everything is okay 2. Pleasing Others: Playing it safe by going along to get along 3. Uninvolved: Playing it [...]

How to Exit Safe Mode2017-09-25T17:09:13-06:00