In Texas alone, the rate at which women are released and their relapse are on the rise. Most crimes committed by women are non-violent but none-the-less, they find themselves back in the system far more quickly then they should. Traumatic events that have taken place in the lives of women is one of the leading causes of why crimes are committed. Getting to the core of why women think the way they do and how their thought process needs to change is why we offer Project GROWTH, a Discipleship project that introduces the client s to Christ, along with how a new way of thinking can produce a new way of living.

Project GROWTH

Alongside Project HOPE, Jer-Ne’s inaugural project, the ministry desires to see women transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, healed emotionally and grow in their walk with Christ. Many have the desire to change and get their life back on track, but they have no idea how to start or where to go. Change can occur through our intensive Discipleship Project which will equip them with the tools needed to change the trajectory of their lives. Project GROWTH is not only designed for those new in their walk, but for those who have a relationship with Him and have lost the desire to totally submit to Him. This project will assist women in moving forward in their relationship with Christ, impacting their entire life, not only Spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, but communally, educationally, financially, family and career-wise.

Project GROWTH, a 6-week Discipleship project that will be offered to female inmates within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) System. Not only is it important to know that while incarcerated, they can learn the tools needed to walk with Christ, but they can carry those same tools learned with them once released.

If you have recently been released and are in need of one of our Projects, we would love to take this journey with you. Call us at 832-290-9356 or email us.