Project HOPE is Jer-Ne’s inaugural program that will build up women in a personalized 16-week curriculum that works towards preventing recidivism.

Our applicants are first-time female offenders. Her probation has been revoked and she finds herself having to finish out the remainder of her agreement in the County Jail. Time has passed, her sentence is complete and she has been released, so now what? Outwardly she is smiling because the wait for freedom is over. Inwardly she is broken, dealing with the emotional baggage from having been incarcerated.  Forgiving herself will become her most challenging obstacle to opening up for emotional healing and freedom. Jer-Ne will walk alongside these women in dealing with the residual heart issues that surface after being incarcerated.

There are many factors to consider after incarceration. Unless there is a mindset of “yes, I committed a crime, AND this is the only time any jail will be graced with my presence”, this woman will find herself right back in the system. The company she keeps, the choices she makes, faulty thinking and being emotionally unstable all play a big part in how well she will function once released.

Project HOPE was laid on the heart of the Founder/President Kiwanya. She knows all too well how emotions can leave you battered and bruised due to making unwise choices in life. Kiwanya envisions our women as walking in total freedom without guilt and shame. No more hiding, no more secrets, no more fear, and most of all, no more regret!  This goal can be achieved by any woman who is committed to finishing the 16-week program that is available through Project HOPE at Jer-Ne Ministries. We serve a God that has redeemed us and its now time to walk out the call on our lives.

The cost is $75.00 which includes personalized curriculum and other materials needed for the class. Life changing transformation will happen if the commitment is there. For more details, class schedules or any other information, please feel free to reach out to us.